• Kings House Hove

Kings House is at an exciting stage of its development.

Works continue to progress on the external façade of the building, windows have been installed and the two floor extensions to the rear of the building are now well underway.

As you walk down Second Avenue on your way to the beach, you can see the steel frame is now installed to the side of the main building, ready to be clad in the reclaimed gault bricks and zinc mansard detailing. We can now begin to get a real appreciation of what a great space and view the private terraces on top of those extensions will have.

The excitement of developing a Grade II listed building of this character is that as we reach this phase of its transformation, we have all trades working throughout the building.

Now we can begin to see the real detail in the design as some of the apartments begin to take on their final form. We can see the use of some beautiful cornice detailing to compliment the solid panelled doors that will give the spaces their true sense of grandeur.